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01 novembre 2007

The italian meringue method

Thanks to my kiwi friend, Edward, some english spoken people come to see my blog, that's why I've just started to translate it in -my not so good- english (sorry!). So enjoy...! Even if I always get some nice macaron's "cockles" with the classic method, I really wanted to try the italian meringue method that Mercotte recommends.Don't worry, it is not so much more difficult but a baking thermometer is needed. After a little shopping in Ikea's (where you can find them for less than 10 euros), I was finally ready! ... [Lire la suite]
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01 novembre 2007

The classic method

This is my classic and easier method to realize those famous macaron's "cockles" before garnishing them of ganache! What do U need ? - 90g egg whites- 125g almond powder- 125g icing sugar- some food colouring agent of your choice How to do it ? 1/ Make the "much for much"   In a blender, mix the icing sugar with the almond powder. Be careful not to "heat" the whole. Sieve  it  just above  a  sheet of  baking paper.... [Lire la suite]
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